I.ZONE Education Discount



Purchasing for yourself as a student or Teacher


Our Education Discount from the current price of computers are:


5% for Students

5% for Teachers


Our Educational Discount applies to all models of Apple computers, which are NOT in current

Our Education Discount does not apply on other Apple products such as:
iPads, iPods, iPhones and other Apple accessories and peripherals.

Orders will not be processed before reviewing all required documents and only upon
managements approval, will the discount be offered. If the provided documents are blurred
or unclear, a request for clearer scans will be requested again.
Should the documents not be provided, the order will either be cancelled or processed at the products full price,with no educational discount.

Only the person with the Identification can purchase the computer.

Our Educational Discount can not be combined with other discounts
and promotions running online or in our stores.

i.ZONE reserves the right to change the educational rules without any prior notice